Plenary and Parallel Session

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Plenary Session

08:45 – 11:15

Population and Social Policy in a Disrupted World

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Muhadjir Darwin, M.P.A.

Bulaksumur Room

Dr. Lothar Smith Prof. Ben White Prof. Maria Fasli, Ph.D., NTF, FHEA Prof. Rebecca Surender, Ph.D.
Changing International Migration Issues in the Europe and the Implication on the Regional International Migration Policy The Coming Crisis of Youth Employment Big Data for Complex Systems Research and Social Policies Social Protection Policy

Parallel Session 1

13:15 – 15:15

PS 1-1. Migration and Policy Challenges

Moderator: Dr. Rosalia Sciortino.

Bulaksumur Room

Dr. Maruja Milagros B. Asis Aris Chandra Pradikta Julie Rostina Maliki, ST, MSIE, Ph.D.
Are We There Yet? Intraregional Migration and Regional Governance in Southeast Asia Transnational Business Practices and Migrant Agencies in Cultural Intermediaries: The Case of Kyoto’s Halal Market Health Situation and Working Condition of Women Labour Migrant: Issue and Challenge of Migration Policy Policy Challenges in Upgrading Indonesian Labour Migration
PS 1-2. Youth in the Changing World

Moderator: Emil Karmila, M.A.

Wanagama Room

Anggraini Sari Astuti, S.K.M. Norma Yuni Kartika Citra Sekarjati Gutomo Bayu Aji
Youth and Health Situation in Indonesia Women’s Exit Strategy from Kawin Anum Culture in Banjar Tribe Empowering Deaf Youth to Counter Deafness-related Stigma through Deaf Art Community in Yogyakarta, Indonesia The Emergence of New Generation of Peasantries in Java: A Case Study of the Youth Movement on Small Scale Crops Farming
PS 1-3. The Need of Big Data for Policies Issues

Moderator: Dr. Hakimul Ikhwan, M.A.

Nusantara Room

Ratih Probosiwi Ridi Ferdiana Satria Aji Imawan Pemerintah Kota Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta City Government)
Integrated Database: the Success Key of Poverty Overcoming A Literature of Big Data and Cloud Computing to Enhance Social Policy Decision Making Big Data Application in Public Policy Process: Prospects and Challenges in Indonesia The Use of Big Data in Local Government: Opportunities and Challenges
PS 1-4. Social Policy in A Global High-Risk Society

Moderator: Dr. Mulyadi Sumarto, MPP

Grafika Room

Prof. Stefan Kuhner, Ph.D. & Padmore Amoah, Ph.D. Prof. Antonios Roumpakis, Ph.D. Tauchid Komara Yuda Nabiyla Risfa Izzati
Social Policy in Times of Distress: A Scoping Review Towards a Gendered Social Investment typology: A Comparative Analysis of Selected OECD and East and Southeast Asian Welfare States Returning to Welfare Society Idea: Alternative Model for Social Policy Arrangements in Digital World Understanding the Changing Concept of Work in Disruption Technology Era: Study of Go-Jek in Indonesia

Parallel Session 2

15:45 – 17:45

PS 2-1. Recent Issues on International Labour Migration

Moderator: Dr. Pande Made Kutanegara, M.Si.

Bulaksumur Room

Prof. Brenda S. A. Yeoh Basilica Dyah Putranti, M.A. Yoga Prasetyo Jonathan S Parhusip
Singapore’s Challenges in an Age of Migration: Global City and/or Nation-Sate? Reshaping Migrant’s Identities through Merantau Poets on Permits: State Power and the Production of Migrant Literary Writings in Singapore Negotiating the Risk and Uncertainty: Indonesian Runaway Migrant Workers in Taiwan
PS 2-2. Health Risk and Solution

Moderator: Risya Ariyani Kori

Wanagama Room

Prof. Dr. Siswanto Agus Wilopo Dr. Tasnuva Wahed Dr. Dewi Haryani Susilastuti Prof. Nurul Ilmi Idrus, Ph.D.
Adolescent Health: Burden of Disease of Sexual and Reproductive Health Adolescent Pregnancy in Bangladesh FGM/C Amidst Medicalization: Changes and Continuities Youth and Health
PS 2-3. The Application of Big Data

Moderator: Widyawan

Nusantara Room

Rajius Idzalika, Ph.D. Jan Ramos Budaya Pandia Setia Pramana Stevanus Wisnu Wijaya
Big Data for Population and Social Policies Big Data and The Future of Policy Making: Study Case of Qlue Potential Big Data Implementations on Population and Government Policy in Indonesia Exploring the way Indonesian domestic workers deal with migration challenges and difficulties: Learning from migrant social media data
PS 2-4. Welfare effort in dealing with social risk in Asia and Latin America

Moderator: Dr. Evita H. Pangaribowo, M.Dec.

Grafika Room

Dr. Mulyadi Sumarto, MPP Dr. Ricardo Velazquez-Leyer Shalini Sen Fatwa Nurul Hakim
Tackling Social Risk: Welfare Regime Efforts to Encounter Epidemiological Transition in Southeast Asia Aiming to Keep Poor Mexican Families at the Breadline (but No Higher): The Effects of Minimum Wage, Tax and Social Policy Changes between 1994 and 2012 Prevalence of Child Work and Its Linkage with Child Migration: A Case Study of Maharashtra The Urgency of Social Protection of the People around the Area of Natural Disaster Prone Areas

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