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Satellite symposia provide your organization with a unique opportunity to showcase your work.

Although they take place in the conference centre, each satellite session is arranged and coordinated by the organization hosting the satellite. They are available for a fee, based on the room capacity and time slot. Conference organizers review the content of each symposium to ensure that it meets the scientific and ethical principles of the conference, and they allocate slots based on the overall conference programme.

Criteria for approval include Satellites should reflect and/or support the vision and goals of the conference.

Satellite Session will take place all day on Monday, Augustus, 6th

Satellite holder benefits

Satellite holders will have the following benefits:


  • Listing in the Pocket Programme (printed) and the online programme
  • Complimentary day passes (between five and 20 passes depending on room capacity ordered).

Satellite formats

  • Length (90 to 100 minutes)
  • Room capacity (20 person)
  • Time slot (morning and afternoon).

Please note only a limited number of rooms are available in each capacity. Bookings are placed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Satellite prices (in USD)

90-MINUTE SLOTS : ID Rp.5.000.000/ $360

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