Summer Course Objectives

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The summer course "International Labour Migration in a Shifting World: New Insights and Policy Challenges" offers various learning methods. Combining class learning and field observation, this course aims to:

  1. Assess the dynamics of migrant worker migration, with a focus on Southeast Asia, the Middle East, East Asia, Europe, and the United States

        2.  Assess 'anti-migration' policies in the United States, restrictions  on migration in some European countries, and their impact on migration policies in other countries

  1. Assess migration policies in developing countries as responses to migration restriction policies in Europe and the United States
  2. Assess the impact of migration restriction policies on international migration volumes, patterns, and trends
  3. Assess the development of information technology in the protection of migrant workers


At the end of the course, all students must present the findings of fieldwork, exercise and discussion. The learning outcomes from the summer course are:

    1. Knowledge and Understanding on Migration Issues
    2. Intelectual Capability
    3. Practical Skills
    4. Managerial Skill

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